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If your online searches are being redirected to web page (regardless of browser), you are most probably corrupted with a very nasty rootkit trojan. The browser hijacker has the ability to exploit security loopholes and replace user's queries in google, yahoo and other search engines with and random spam pages. related trojans can pose a significant risk to your security and privacy. You should remove this search hijacker as quickly as possible.

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Possible Behaviors

  • Modified browser error page
  • Other malware being downloaded to the machine
  • Identity and credit card theft Technical Descriptions

Search Redirect Virus
Sub type:
Short description:
A search redirect virus is a very mischievous rootkit program (a type of browser hijacker) that replaces searches in Google, Yahoo and other search engines with annoying popup ads and irrelevant web pages. Search engine redirect viruses can hide deep within the registry and file system, which makes them particularly complicated to remove. severity

Risk level:
Removal level:
Infectious systems
Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows ME related threats

Associated malware:,,,,,,, Files

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