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If you keep getting redirected to when attempting to search online, your computer is most probably corrupted with a harmful DNSchanger trojan. When using Google, Yahoo, and Bing or other search engines the results are redirected to or to nasty sites unrelated to the users search query. connected viruses can pose a significant security threat to your system and privacy. You should remove the search engine hijacker without delay from your system.

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signs of

  • Corrupt files re-installs after been removed
  • Unusual internet problems
  • Strange new icons in the system tray
  • Personal information forwarded to third parties Technical Descriptions

Search Redirect Virus
Sub type:
Short description:
A search redirect or search hijacker virus is a very malicious program code created to redirect search engine results from major search engines to suspicious advert and malware webpages. The browser hijacker can sneak into the computer and once activated, it will alter the registry, DNS and Hosts file making it impossible for users to conduct online searches. Redirect viruses can hide their running processes and take cover in deeply rooted system files which makes them extremely hard to detect and remove. severity

Risk level:
Removal level:
Infected systems
Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows XP related threats

Associated malware:,, gala search,,,, Files

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